Selected leadership roles & initiatives


Co-vice Chair, Policy, Education & Advocacy Writing Team, NPA Advocacy Committee (2016-)

Chair, Keynote and Plenary Subcommittee, NPA Meetings Committee (2016-)         

Interim co-Chair, NPA Resource Development Committee (2015-2016)  

Co-chair, ASCB COMPASS Communications Subcommittee (2015-2016)      


First Policy Activist, Future of Research (2016-)

First Postdoc Member, Graduate Career Consortium (2016-2017, now full member)

Founding president, AWIS Kentucky Affiliate Group (2016-)

First Contributor, Rescuing Biomedical Research Writing Program (2016)

Co-founder/organizer, Midwest Membrane Trafficking and Signaling Symposium (2014-2015)

Co-founder, Career Research Advancement Focused Training (CRAFT) seminar series (2014-)