Volunteer recognition on Twitter – National Postdoctoral Association, National Volunteer Week, April 2018, as well as in the article ‘The NPA Celebrates National Volunteer Week‘ published in the NPA POSTDOCket, April 2018, volume 4, issue 16 (published on April 23, 2018) (as part of the NPA Meetings committee)

Volunteer recognition on Twitter and LinkedIn – AWIS National, National Volunteer Week, April 2018

FY2017 AWIS Star Affiliate Award – AWIS KY Affiliate Group, February 2018 (in AWIS National Magazine, Spring 2018, volume 50, page 60)

Participant (offline), Biomedical Transparency Summit, Bethesda, MD (by-invitation only, on behalf of FoR), January 2018       

Member Spotlight – Dr. Adriana Bankston, Association for Women in Science (taken June 2016), April 2017

COMPASS Travel Award, American Society for Cell Biology, December 2016

Recipient, ‘Smart Woman Doing Cool Stuff in STEM’ recognition, Association for Women in Science, November 2016

“Advocating for Science” Travel Scholarship, Future of Research, September 2016

Trainee Spotlight, University of Louisville Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, March 2016

National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) Travel Award, January 2015