1. Singh H, Bankston A, McDowell G. Training Transitions: From Research Dependence to Independence (accepted, to be presented by Harinder Singh at NPA annual meeting, Cleveland, OH, April 2018)

2. Bankston A, Pickett C, McDowell GS. Show me the money: Data on the landscape of U.S. postdoctoral salaries (accepted, to be presented at NPA annual meeting, Cleveland, OH, April 2018)

3. Bankston A, Pickett CL, Doering DT, McDowell GS. Biomedical postdocs: Salaries and population in the U.S. (presented by Gary McDowell at ASCB/EMBO annual meeting, Philadelphia, PA, December 2017)

4. Brinkman J, Locher J, Bankston A, Gadwal S, Sinche M, Morgan H. Trends in PhD Career Outcomes Tracking, GCC PhD Career Outcomes Committee poster, GCC annual meeting, Houston, TX, June 2017 (collaborative poster)

5. Bankston A, McDowell GS. Providing Resources and Strategies to Enhance Career Training for Junior ScientistsGCC meeting, Houston, TX, June 2017 (also presented at ASCB/EMBO annual meeting, Philadelphia, PA, December 2017)

6. Bankston A, Mazzilli S, McDowell GS. Advocating for Science: a Summary of Key Skills Learned Through a Series of WorkshopsAAAS annual meeting, Boston, MA, February 2017 (also presented by Sarah Mazzilli at NPA meeting, San Francisco, CA, March 2017)

7. NPA Resource Development Committee poster, NPA annual meeting, Baltimore, MD, March 2015 (collaborative poster)


1. What Multiple Workshops Revealed About Career Development Needs of Junior Scientists – GCC Southwestern Regional Meeting, San Diego, CA, January 2018 (included in the category on “Innovations in graduate student and/or postdoctoral training”)

2. The Science of Science (Realities of a Science Career) – KY STEMinar, Louisville, KY, September 2017 (Kentucky Science Center program)

3. From Doing Science to Studying It – Louisville Youth Science Summit (YSS), Middle School Girls in STEM Track, Louisville, KY, June 2017 (Kentucky Science Center program)

4. Overcoming Obstacles for Women in STEM – Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) club, DuPont Manual High School, Louisville, KY, January 2017