1. Advocacy Toolbox II: Practice Being an Advocate for Science workshop co-organizer and presenter (with the ASCB Public Policy Committee co-chairs Kevin Wilson and Connie Lee), ASCB meeting, San Diego, CA, upcoming December 2018

2. Questioning the Status Quo: Re-imagining Pathways, Structures, and Incentives in Scientific Careers workshop co-organizer and presenter (with Harinder Singh, Dean Procter, Gary McDowell), S|GNS Summit, Chicago, IL, July 2018

3. Collaborating to enhance career tracking and taxonomy efforts across disciplines breakout session co-organizer and presenter (with Melanie Sinche, Tammy Collins, Christopher Pickett, Parmesh Ramanathan, Abby Stayart), GCC annual meeting, Madison, WI, June 2018 

4. Advocating for an improved scientific enterprise workshop leader, Science Policy, Advocacy, and Communication (SciPAC) Group, UC San Diego, April 2018 

5. Studying policy for science: finding ways to improve the scientific enterprise workshop leader, Scripps Science Policy Discussion Group, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, CA, April 2018

6. Resources to Address Challenges for International Graduate Students and Postdocs workshop co-organizer (with Gary McDowell), ASCB/EMBO annual meeting, Philadelphia, PA, December 2017

7. Building a Leadership Framework workshop co-facilitator (with Sonia Hall), Future of Research meeting on ‘Expanding Leadership Roles for Early Career Researchers,’ Boston, MA, November 2017

8. Enhancing the Connections Between Institutions and Professional Societies in Advancing Postdoctoral Training workshop co-presenter (with Sonia Hall), NPA annual meeting, San Francisco, CA, March 2017 (co-designed by Sonia Hall & Adam Fagen)

9. What Career Awareness and Development Resources Are There for Junior Scientists? workshop co-leader (with Gary McDowell), ASCB annual meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 2016

10. Accelerating Science and Publication in Biology (ASAPbio) workshop co-moderator (with Prachee Avasthi & Jessica Polka), ASCB annual meeting, San Francisco, CA,  December 2016 (co-designed by Prachee Avasthi & Jessica Polka)

*Designed/co-designed workshop (unless otherwise noted)

Panels & Courses/Sessions:

1. COMPASS Careers in Science Policy invited panelist, ASCB annual meeting, San Diego, CA, upcoming December 2018

2. Connecting Science and Policy invited panelist, ComSciCon-SD, San Diego, CA, upcoming September 2018

3. Catalyzing Change in Biomedical Research Training plenary session moderator, NPA annual meeting, Cleveland, OH, April 2018

4. Careers at the Nexus of Science and Policy invited panelist, Science Policy Fellows Program, UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS), San Diego, CA, January 2018

5. Panel Discussion moderator, Future of Research meeting on ‘Expanding Leadership Roles for Early Career Researchers,’ Boston, MA, November 2017

6. Data Driven Approaches to Tracking Postdocs plenary session moderator, NPA annual meeting, San Francisco, CA, March 2017

7. COMPASS Science Policy Career Panel moderator, ASCB annual meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 2016

8. COMPASS Science Communication Career Panel co-moderator (with Ashley Lakoduk), ASCB annual meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 2016 


1. Accelerating Science and Publication in Biology (ASAPbio) Table co-exhibitor (with Daniela Saderi), ARO annual midwinter meeting, San Diego, CA, February 2018

2. Science Policy Career Choices Discussion and Mentoring Roundtable co-leader (with Nicole Boschi), ASCB/EMBO annual meeting, Philadelphia, PA, December 2017

3. NPA Resource Development Committee Lunch-Around Table co-moderator, NPA annual meeting, Baltimore, MD, March 2015


AWIS STEM Career Conference speed mentoring panelist, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, February 2018